Vikram Chhatre

I grew up in India and have worked and studied in Sweden, Canada and the United States. My expertise is in population genomics of forest trees, though I have worked on many other study systems. My interests lie at the intersection of evolution, genomics and bioinformatics. I am the moderator for STRUCTURE software mailing list since 2010 and curate a population genetics literature bot on twitter (@popgen_papers).

I am excited to be a part of this INBRE bioinformatics core and looking forward to working with students, postdocs and faculty on various research projects. Nicolas Blouin and I are designing workshops aimed at raising awareness and expertise in the application of computational tools to solving biological problems.

Please see my website for further details about my research and skill set:

Vikram E. Chhatre
228 Molecular Biology
University of Wyoming
Phone: 6-3362