Notebooks aren't just for the field or lab...stay organized!

  • Posted on: 18 May 2017
  • By: nblouin

Your closest collaborator is you six months ago, but you don’t reply to emails.

                                                                             -paraphrasing Mark Holder, UBC

Karl Broman at the University of Wisconsin says he learned the hard way how to go from a life of informatics chaos/entropy to one of relative order.
He has kindly put his thoughts on how to keep organized into an easy to follow web page. Check it out:

Follow these great tips for success as you adopt working with large data sets:

Good thing to do: Example
Organize your data and code Make separate directories for Projects/, Shells/, Programs, RawData/, etc.
Do everything with a script If you do it 2x, put it in a shell or script
Automate the process Loops anyone?
Turn scripts into reproducible reports Get to know R MarkDowns and Jutyper (ARCC has this in beta form now)
Turn repeated code into functions create functions and organize them in a directory, put that in your $PATH

Advanced (but dersirable):
Package functions for reuse
Use version control
License your software